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The UA9 is by far the most sophisticated and capable aircraft of its type available anywhere in the world.

For the first time an affordable option with exceptional operating characteristics is here. Never before has the combination of performance and price come together to offer a real game changer in the manned surveillance and patrol market.

The full and extensive support packages, training and customer interaction provided by UA9 will ensure many years of reliability, cost efficiency and the missions and objectives of our clients achieved.

Stuart Perkins

Stuart Perkins Managing Director & Flight Operations

Stuart Perkins is the project leader and developer of the UA9 project and MD of ULS Support based in Singapore. Having been in aviation of over 25 years he brings lots of experience as both a Pilot and aircraft lessor. The owner / operator of a very successful seaplane center and flight school Stuart has accumulated over 7000 instructional flight hours on seaplanes alone. Following a successful decade long career in aircraft leasing Stuart saw the missing gap in the surveillance / patrol market as he worked very closely with governments and agencies looking to acquire affordable low cost aircraft for this role. Having been the agent for the Defender 4000 multi role maritime support aircraft Stuart identified the need to offer an alternative solution for clients requiring larger operating fleets and drastically reduced operating costs. Stuart will be in chargeof the overall project and managing the company.

Stuart's other main role within the UA9 project will be from the technical Flying side. Stuart will over see the Pilot and second crew training. Pilots either employed directly with ULS or with customers requiring training, supplemental training or validation to operate the UA9 aircraft. Stuart will be the Chief demonstration pilot at shows, industry events and for customers. Working closely with the rest of the ULS team Stuart will ensure that training on every level will meet with standards and compliance to operate the UA9 safely, affectively and efficiently in accordance with the clients operational and geographical requirements. The smooth and seamless introduction of the UA9 aircraft as a new operational t ype with government authorities, regulatory bodies ensuring that the aircraft complies and meets with all of the importation and certifying processes for legal operations.

Adrian Lawson Technical Director

Adrian Lawson (UK) is a 30 year aviation veteran, one of the best aircraft planning technicians in the business and his resume speaks volumes. Adrian's technical planning and engineering experience is second to none, he has been ins t rumental in the entire planning stage of the UA9 program , developing a complete set of new manuals, the total redesign of the aircraft and its complicated documentation requirement. His role would be to oversee the entire technical side of the UA9 project, following all of the upgrades, enhancements and modifications to the Aircam to bring it up to our high spec UA9 aircraft. Adrian is also responsible for design- ing the "UA9 Total Care" program together with spares and technical support to support our clients and their respective authorities for the seamless introduction and operation of the UA9 aircraft. Quality control and assurance all fall under the competent eye of Adrian and he's a true asset to the UA9 team.

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