Technical Data


  • Low acquisition cost
  • Low operating costs
  • Ease of maintenance and off site capability
  • High Engine TBO (Time Between overhaul)
  • Low noise signature
  • 8 hour operational endurance
  • STOL Performance (short take off and landing)
  • Sophisticated surveillance equipment and onboard technology
  • Onboard SAR (search and rescue) equipment
  • All weather capability
  • Fully enclosed all weather cockpit
  • Extended long range mission tanks (up to 8 hours endurance)
  • High payload (680 Ibs)
  • 15,000 feet service ceiling
  • Impressive speed range 50 - 120 knots
  • Amphibious operations (land and sea)
  • Maneuverability
  • 2 crew cockpit
  • Readily and easily available fuel (regular high octane motor vehicle fuel)
  • Quick change capability for mission compliance
  • The key upgrades will include a total revamp of the cockpit interiors, state of art

Multi Function Displays

MFD (multi function display) screens will be installed both front and rear, giving up to date data to the pilot for flight operations and a whole wealth of operational information to the rear crewman who will control all of the operational aspects of the mission. Sophisticated Trakka cameras offering, night, thermal and 360 hi- res HD vision is available on the UA9. Other high capacity operating systems and software can also be installed on the aircraft depending on the requirement and intended use. Additional upgrades for the UA9 include but are not limited to the following:

  • Trakka SWE-200 LE full aircraft mounted camera system, featuring night,thermal and laser guided filming
  • Avalex avionics and mapping systems
  • Cockpit and instrumentation upgrades to MFD's, PFD's , transponders, WX radar External cameras.
  • Engine upgrades to Rotax 914s engines, high Altitude and reverse thrust capability
  • Satellite communications
  • Full amphibious floats
  • Buoy and maritime rescue equipment deployment (rafts, life vests etc)
  • Exterior mounted SAR light
  • Customized paint and exterior markings

Section Title Example

HP - 2 x Rotax 912ULS @ 100 HP ea 200 HP (Total)
Gross Weight 1,680 lbs
Empty Weight 1,040 lbs
Useful Load 640 lbs
Stall Speed 39 mph
Top Speed (Vne) 110 mph
Cruise Speed 50 to 100 mph
Vne (never exceed speed) 110 mph
Rate of Climb 1,500 fpm
Rate of Climb Solo, 50% fuel 2,000 fpm
Rate of Climb Single Engine 300 fpm
Fuel Capacity 28 gal
Range 340 mi @ 70 mph
Endurance 7 Hrs
Landing Roll 300 Ft
Takeoff Roll less than 200 ft
Wings Span 36'
Length 27'
Height (Vert, Stab.) 8'4"
Gear width 8'6"